ECCO Leather

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🌐 The good stuff...

ECCO Leather may be thought of as a footwear brand, but in fact - they are one of the largest producers of leather in the world. For as long as there are the meat and dairy industries - there will be leather - and their plan is to make it as sustainable and designer friendly as possible.

While history dates the first tannery to 7,000 BCE, the people at ECCO Leather work at product innovations to influence the future of leather, heavily investing in water purification, sustainable processes and treatments and recycling techniques. Original leather designed and developed by the company includes Fused Leather or FSDX and Apparition, a wearable transparent leather. 

The company’s EL3 philosophy brings innovation to the people. Collections, Collabs and the HOT-SHOP event aim to build a community based on free creativity - without the pressure of commercial results. With scientists, designers, applied research teams and generations of leather workers under one roof - ECCO Leather creates the foundations to the world's most cherished luxury goods, footwear and soft goods brands. 

The company aims to be energy neutral by 2028. 

By helping create a tone of voice, rewriting their entire website and concept and carry the copywriting of each of the collections the studio comes out with - this is an ongoing collaboration we are really proud to be part of.