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🌐 Snap it...

Everyone knows SnapChat but does everyone know just how much Snap Inc. does behind the scenes?

Snap Inc. is a technology company. It allows users to utilise Snapchat filters via PC webcams in video chat and live streaming services such as Skype, Twitch, YouTube, and Zoom. It develops and manufactures the wearable camera called Spectacles, a pair of smartglasses that connect to the user's Snapchat account and records videos in a circular video format adjustable in any orientation. And everytime you scan something to be recongised - be it a wine label or a tree - Snap Inc. are probably behind it.

With all this going on - it is hard for a company this big to promote itself when it comes to recruiting in cities around the world.

Working with the agency The Oval Office we worked on a way to bring attention to the Amsterdam office, its people and any recruiting they were looking to achieve internationally.