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When the staff of Maladjiny Research Centre from the Edith Cowan University approached us to work on a campaign - the first of its kind in Australia - we were honoured.
Alongside researchers, health professionals, parents, guardians and kids - we created an entire brand, campaign and social media strategy using microinfluencers that are Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander to inform kids in communities about getting the vaccine.
Three years in the making, we worked alongside Elder, Community and Kids to both strategise and communicate what would make the most sense to the oldest continuous living culture on the planet. They have survived longer than anyone else - so how do we communicate about health care without sounding patronising?
We did it - WITH their advice.
Human papillomavirus (HPV) is the most common sexually transmitted infection (STI) currently. HPV vaccines can prevent some of the health effects HPV causes. Yet none of us really know much about it.

This is why we needed to make it Our Business.